Payment and Fraud Protection reserves the right to refuse or cancel a purchase without notice if fraudulent conduct is suspected. We work closely with eBay, PayPal, banks, issuers of credit, and law enforcement authorities to ensure transaction confidence for all parties. We are committed to eliminating all fraudulent transactions, and we prosecute offenders to the fullest extent permissible under law.

Due to the rise of fraudulent conduct in the luxury sector, has instituted precautionary measures to discourage and defeat attempts at fraudulent conduct.

These security measures apply to first-time purchases only. First-time transactions by new buyers can be completed exclusively via the following forms of payment:

1. Wire Transfer

2. PayPal

In order to pay via check or credit card, the following personal identifiers are mandatory: two (2) forms of picture ID comprising a valid driver’s license and a current passport.

Moreover, the following supplemental assurance must be forwarded if clients elect to pursue credit card and check-based transactions:
To render payment via check, new clients are required to forward a copy of their most recent bank statement for the account upon which they wish to draw.

To render payment via credit card, new clients are required to forward a copy of their most recent statement for their chosen transaction credit card.

Please contact our Customer Service and Sales representatives at 212-223-7355 with any questions regarding ElegantSwiss’ security precautions, privacy policy, and specific transaction requirements.