Best Rolex Watches for Women

by Andy Jones on Jun 12, 2024

Best Rolex Watches for Women

In the world of luxury watches, Rolex is famous for its elegant, high-quality timepieces. People all over the globe recognize Rolex for its beautiful designs, precise timekeeping, and expert craftsmanship.

To begin with, the choice to wear a Rolex watch is entirely personal, regardless of traditional 'men's' or 'women's' labels. Today, many enthusiasts focus on finding a watch that feels right on their wrist, prioritizing personal fit and comfort over these classifications. 

While women can choose to wear any Rolex timepiece, the brand has thoughtfully designed collections specifically for women. However, finding the right Rolex for women can seem challenging, with so many options available. 

So, whether you want a classic look or something more modern, this guide is your essential resource for selecting the perfect Rolex timepiece that matches your preferences.

Women’s Rolex Watches

Women’s Rolex Watches | ElegantSwiss

Rolex offers a wide variety of watches designed for women. In addition to smaller or more ornate versions of their men's watches, Rolex also has collections specifically made for women's wrists and midsize options for a bolder look. 

Here is a list of top Rolex watches for women:

1. Rolex Lady-Datejust or Datejust

Rolex introduced the Lady-Datejust in 1957 as a smaller version of the men's Datejust. Despite its size, the Lady-Datejust retained all the key features of the original, including the automatic movement, waterproof case, and date window at 3 o’clock with the signature Cyclops magnification lens.

For nearly sixty years, the Lady-Datejust featured a 26mm Oyster case. In 2015, Rolex updated this to a slightly larger 28mm case. Currently, all new Lady-Datejust watches have 28mm cases.

In addition to the Lady-Datejust, midsize Datejust watches with a 31mm case are mainly marketed to women. These models fall under the Datejust 31 category rather than being labeled as Lady-Datejust watches.

The Datejust collection is one of Rolex's most diverse lines. It offers a wide range of case materials, dial designs, bezel types, and bracelet options, making it easy to find a Datejust that suits your style perfectly.

Pricing: $4,000 – $40,000 (Approx.)

2. Rolex Ladies’ President or Day-Date

While not exactly the same as the men's Day-Date, often called the President, the Ladies' President is currently a 31mm Datejust with the three-link President bracelet. You can also find older 26mm and 28mm models with this bracelet style.

Today, the Lady-Datejust 31 is the only watch outside the Day-Date collection available with the President bracelet. This model comes exclusively in precious metals such as white, yellow, or Everose gold. It also offers a variety of dial colors, index styles, and the choice of a fluted or gem-set bezel.

The Day-Date, which is also wearable at 36 mm, is made of precious metals and features a selection of dials and index styles, similar to the Lady-Datejust.

Ladies President Pricing: $20,000 – $30,000 (Approx.)

Day-Date Pricing: $23,500 – $140,000 (Approx.)

3. Ladies Oyster Perpetual 

The Oyster Perpetual is one of Rolex's most iconic models. It gained fame in 1927 when British swimmer Mercedes Gleitze wore it while attempting to swim across the English Channel. While older ladies' Oyster Perpetual watches are available in two-tone, the modern versions are made exclusively in Oystersteel.

Although today's Oyster Perpetual only comes in one type of metal, it offers various sizes. The 26mm model was discontinued in 2020, and now the available sizes for women are 28mm and 31mm. If you prefer a larger watch, there are also 36mm and 41mm options. Vintage models can be found in 24mm or 26mm sizes. This collection is known for its colorful dial options. 

In 2020, Rolex introduced vibrant colors like candy pink, red, yellow, turquoise, and green alongside the classic silver and black.

Pricing: $3,500 – $7,500 (Approx.)

4. Pearlmaster 

The Pearlmaster by Rolex is explicitly designed for women, although there are a few models for men as well. These watches are exclusively crafted in gold or platinum, each adorned with diamonds in some form. 

When the collection debuted in 1992, Rolex introduced the special Pearlmaster bracelet, featuring a 5-piece design with a high polish. Although labeled as Datejust on the dial, the Pearlmaster is its own distinct model with unique case sizes and bracelets, even though they share the same date window.

The current production Rolex Pearlmaster models showcase a fully gem-set dial, bezel, and bracelet in white or Everose gold, available in 34mm or 39mm sizes. Older Pearlmaster models didn't always have as many diamonds, often opting for a gem-set bezel instead of an entirely diamond-covered case. The 29mm Pearlmaster was discontinued in 2015. 

Specific versions of the Pearlmaster also feature different gem-set bezel colors like sapphire and rubies.

Pricing: $11,500 – $84,000 (Approx.)

5. Ladies’ Yacht-Master

The Ladies Yacht-Master is a sporty alternative to the classic Oyster case, perfect for those seeking a more dynamic design. It belongs to Rolex's professional collection, designed specifically for nautical adventures. Its rotating bezel features a 60-minute scale. 

Introduced in 1994, the ladies' Yacht-Master initially came in 29mm and 35mm sizes, which were discontinued in 2015. The latest Ladies Yacht-Master model is now a generous 37mm. The 37mm Yacht-Master is available in Oystersteel and platinum, Everose gold, and two-tone variations. 

Yellow gold was an option in older models. While most versions come with the Oyster bracelet, the Everose model stands out with a sporty black ceramic bezel and an Oysterflex bracelet.

Pricing: $7,450 – $15,000 (Approx.)

Bonus: Men’s Rolex Watches for Women

Bonus: Men’s Rolex Watches for Women

In recent times, there's been a notable trend among women moving away from traditional small-sized watches with elaborate gem-set dials for their everyday wear. Instead, they are increasingly drawn to larger watch case sizes and simpler, more versatile dial designs. 

Rolex has recognized and responded to this shift by offering a wide selection of watches initially designed for men but ideally suited to fit and complement women's wrists. 

1. The Milgauss 

The Milgauss often flies under the radar compared to other Rolex models. Despite being part of the professional collection with impressive anti-magnetic properties, collectors tend to favor the Submariner or GMT models. 

The model Milgauss stands out with its black or eye-catching ‘Z-blue’ dial complemented by a distinctive green crystal. Older versions feature a white or black dial with a clear crystal. 

Apart from the unique crystal color, this Rolex features a striking lightning bolt secondhand and orange accents. The 40mm case size is slightly larger but is wearable on a woman's wrist.

Pricing: $9,450 – $12,500 (Approx.)

2. Daytona

The Daytona, a beloved choice among collectors, isn't limited to men. Its 40mm case size is versatile and fits well on many wrists. This sporty model, named after the Florida raceway, includes a chronograph function. While some of the most sought-after models in this line feature durable stainless steel, the Everose or yellow gold options give the watch a more formal appearance.

Pricing: $17,950 – $279,950 (Approx.)

3. GMT-Master II

Another popular choice among women is the GMT-Master II. Although it also has a 40mm case size, the design can make it feel slightly larger on the wrist without being overpowering. Many are drawn to this model because of its GMT function, which allows tracking multiple time zones. 

Traditionally available in steel, the GMT-Master II offers two-tone, Everose, and white gold options. It also offers a range of bezel colors, including iconic choices like Pepsi, Batman, or Root Beer

Additionally, Rolex has released versions of the GMT-Master II with diamond, ruby, and sapphire bezels over the years, adding a touch of luxury to its sporty design.

Pricing: $11,950 – $83,000


Rolex remains a top choice for women with refined tastes due to its consistent quality and timeless appeal.

The 5 best Rolex watches for women featured in this article offer diverse options, from classic elegance to sporty functionality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using only the finest materials, these watches exude confidence and empowerment.

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