4 Easy Steps To Sell Your Rolex Watch Effortlessly

Rolex is one of the biggest brands in wristwatches that hold great value in the resale business. The first and foremost thing to sell your Rolex watch can be finding out a potential buyer who can genuinely offer you an honest deal. Luckily, the active trading market of Rolex watches always offers you the real worth of your luxurious watch. The only condition is your watch’s model. The availability of original papers or documents also adds to the value of your watch.

Learn about the easiest process or steps you can move forward with selling your Rolex watch.

Easy Steps to Sell Your Rolex Watch Online | Elegant Swiss

1) Quote your price:

Note-down your pre-owned Rolex’s reference number and serial number. Now, devote some time to Google research. Start to explore the search results you get back. You will definitely find similar pre-owned Rolex watches for sale. This will give you an estimate of how much your watch is worth in the market. Remember, this is just an approximation, you may get more or less based on the other determining factors like the condition of your watch and willingness of your buyer. Then, choose a buyer or a website, and get free estimates.

2) Talk to the trader:

It is advisable to sell your Rolex at a watch/jewelry website or showroom that specializes in selling or buying pre-owned Rolex watches. After you decide on how and to whom you want to sell your Rolex watch, it’s time to contact the reputed trader of the particular company. Talk about the company’s requirements and testimonials. Ask if they offer free estimates and free insured shipping of your watch. Tell them about your expectations and listen to what they are offering. It is better to choose some trading site as trading in your watch generally gets you the highest value, rather than sell your watch outright.

3) Ship your watch free of cost:

Confirm the shipping service of your selected buyer. Unlike traditional small watch stores with limited interest and resources, a trading company usually provides its consumers with world-class shipping service. We offer FedEx Overnight Priority Insured shipping to our clients. Check the reviews of the customers who get free overnight shipping free of cost. But, do not forget to talk directly to the representative of the company to whom you are going to ship your Rolex watch.

4) Time to get paid:

Finally, when you have discussed every essential detail with your buyer, shipped your watch successfully, you can relax and start the countdown to get paid. If you have chosen an accredited and established watch/jewelry trader, you will get your amount within a fixed time period as conveyed by the trader. After they verify the details provided by you, you will instantly receive your money.

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